R.I.P. Reuben Kee

reuben-kee-2I have to show respect to Reuben Kee, who created “Dragonclaw” for Mugen as it was the first completely original character for the engine… Kee also was a musician, composing classical music and also remixes of as he saw that it was soothing and inspirational and an embodiment of emotion, which he had hoped would act as a comfort in any of life’s many trying situations . He was killed in a tragic Cambodian dragon boat accident along with 4 teammates on Novemeber 23,2007 and his example is all we’re left with as a result. An inspiration to the Mugen world, artists and musicians alike, I hope to learn from his example and honor his memory in the future, he will be sorely missed. 😦

I must say that now, a year has passed and the pain and sorrow from his passing are now effecting me even more.. it calls into question that should we passively live out our lives and accept what comes, or strive for more and ponder the greater things in life.. I have issues with dealing with loss and while at the time I felt bad for him, his family and friends but though I never really knew him or talked to him I see how much I am affected by his passing even now. As I listen to his beautiful composition, I think striving for more and not accepting any less, as well as taking what life has in store is the best course of action. Thank you Mr. Kee, may you rest in peace and live on through your body of works for future generations to enjoy and be inspired from.

Reuben’s Youtube account

Reuben’s music

Reuben’s blog

~ by redspyda on November 29, 2008.

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