Last major VHS supplier calls it quits…

Farewell, VHS… and don’t let the door hit you on your way out. Though most of us have given up our VHS players by now in favor of something a little less dated, there have been the usual stragglers in the “old ‘n’ busted video format” department that have kept VHS alive long past its expiration date. But with the last major VHS supplier in the US ditching the format at the end of this year, the sound of the death knell has forced us to reminisce on VHS and other formats we wish would die with it.

VHS, which became wildly popular in the 80s and rode out its popularity well into the 2000s, has been on a very steady decline since the advent of DVD (and now digital downloads and Blu-ray). As a result, most VHS distributors have long ago ditched the format, but not Distribution Video Audio Inc., which prides itself in keeping little tidbits of pop culture alive. But this is one trend that is finally going to the grave after the 2008 holiday season is over, despite steady sales over the last several years.

I,  for one welcome this as DVD’s have all but completely replaced VHS as the dominant format like VHS has replaced the technically superior Beta format 2 decades prior.  Say what you will though, but VHS was best for recording almost anything from soap operas to music videos, baby’s first steps to that playoff game you had to miss because of work.  I still have a boxful of Beta tapes packed away – and a massive bin of VHS tapes that need digitizing asap! I now use my trusty Pye DVD recorder to transfer everything over and while that will take forever, I still think VHS still has a little life left, but 5 more years and we’ll probably be able to seal the coffin on it.

~ by redspyda on December 24, 2008.

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