My Thoughts/Semi-Review of the Nokia N82

n82_05Well after months and months of trying to figure out which phone should I upgrade my aging Nokia 3220b from T-Mobile, I looked at the Motorola Zine, Sony Ericcson TM506 and most recently, the Blackberry Curve 8900 [which I was so close to purchasing] and I ended up deciding on my dream phone – the Nokia N82! I caught a deal online, which costed me about $300 with tax and shipping, so had to hop on it.I was not at home the day when the N82 came. sidebar – Fedex is a joke! At least UPS knocks on my door or leaves it in an area not completely in the open!

As soon as I got home, I immediately unboxed it and started it up to a full battery, 2GB memory card already inserted and the part I loved the most was it was usuable as soon as it turned on. My previous phone, an LG CU500v would not work without a SIM being inserted.

First impression: This phone is nice! Very solid, a little heft to it and a nice form factor.. I’ve read all over the net that the keyboard was horrible, and even read that some people couldn’t deal with it to the point the either sold it off or returned it – totally not in my case. The keys are a little small and on the thin side, but it works well for me, with number entry and texting.I also loved the fact that the built in wifi and GPS worked out of the box with little to no issues! Of course since the GPS is built in it took a while to get it’s first lock to the satellites [about 10 minutes] but after that I was good to go! I also love the huge screen, it’s about 2.4 inches and while it’s not very bright, it’s easy to read, as long as you’re not in direct sunlight. My model was made in China, unlike the earlier Silver/White model which was made in Finland. Bluetooth 2.0 is apparent, I was able to transfer my mp3s from the CU500v in less than 20 seconds each.

That said, I bought the N82 mainly because of its imaging capabilities as I love taking photos and a lot of stuff catches my eye as an artist and it’s very easy to capture a picture or video with this phone. The 5MP camera, Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash are mainly what drew me to it, as sample images I’ve seen around the net prove that it’s superior to camphones using LED for flash, at least in it’s class. My old Kodak point and shoot can be retired now as its battery life is horrible, and after a bad drop I’m unable to use anything but the auto setting.. but I’ve been noticing that while it’ll be missed, I’ll probably keep it around for shooting mp4 videos in 640×480 [which the N82 is able to do as well, VGA at 30 fps]. The stereo speakers on the right side sound nice and clear, but a little distorted at maximum volume depending on the song. thankfully the included stereo headset/inline mic works perfectly and the 3.5mm headphone jack is located on the top of the phone next to the power button. I should note, this is my main mp3 player and the sound quality is on par with an iPod, but not my Sansa Clip. The CIF camera on the front would normally be used for video calls, but since I live in the US this is not needed and instead can be used for taking self portraits. And the built in accelerometer, which changes the display orientation from Vertical to Horizontal and vice versa is pretty cool and comes in handy for web browsing mostly.

Also, I recently sold my laptop, so while I initially felt kinda lost without a second computer for multitasking, the “multimedia computer” aspects of this phone mostly make up for it. It features a but no NAM 3G as it only has support for the European 3G flavor @ 2100mhz. It has 100MB built in and the aforementioned hot swapable microSD slot accepts cards of up to 32GB.. The device has 128MB of RAM of which about 90MB is available at any given time. This means there are no lockups and no slowdown while having multiple applications open at once. It also has quadband GSM, so no real issues with call quality as I get great reception in and around my city.

Battery life is stellar, even using wifi for 30 minutes, making a couple hours worth of calls and texts, GPS with google maps for maybe 10 minutes, 3 hours of listening to music using the included music player and snapping around 30 pictures I still have 3 bars left! this equates to having to charge every couple of days after modest use. The body is solid, no creaking like I’ve heard around the end call button. Overall I’m very satisfied and happy as this is leagues better than any phone I’ve had before, and S60 is a powerful, stable OS; I think I’m going to stick with Nokia phones for the forseeable future, and unlocked as well, I now see the downfalls of carrier branding.

Now about the OS.. it runs on 3rd Edition platform with Feature Pack 1, which has thousands of apps available as well as many, many themes to fully customize the OS. So far I’ve only installed Opera Mini, Twibble, Mobbler, Google Maps, Free iSMS, Youtube & Gmail. And while it’s very responsive and relatively stable, I think there are a few things that could have been better. Like the call log, it only stores calls for up to 30 days, my old LG could store them for 60 days. I know it’s only another month but it’d be more convenient in my opinion. Sometimes while in Opera Mini, Skyfire or the native S60 browser my connection drops, whether I’m using wifi or EDGE. That gets very annoying after a while..

Overall I’m very happy about my purchase, people are still amazed at what it can do and I’ve only had it for a month now, maybe in the future I’ll follow up on this after I’ve used it more. Now as for a backup phone, I’m thinking of waiting for the upcoming HTC Rhodium (Touch Pro 2)…


~ by redspyda on April 19, 2009.

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