Verizon’s LTE service starting this fall?

Well I was browsing the TmoNews Forums a while back and came across a post stating that Verizon Wireless would be rolling out its LTE Voice/E-UTRA Data 4G Network [at least in late testing stage] in November. Apparently they’ll be phasing out their existing EV-DO network in favor of E-UTRA data. However, later on Verizon will be adding voice over LTE. MetroPCS is also set to roll their 4G network out around the same time. Most other wireless companies worldwide [Telefónica, T-Mobile, NTT docomo, AT&T, TeliaSonera, Rogers, among many others] should be getting ready to launch their own LTE networks by early 2010.

In theory LTE would give you much better coverage within a given tower density, and signals should be able to penetrate houses and building much better as Verizon will be operating in the lower frequencies [700mhz] as opposed to AT&T [700 & 1900mhz, UMTS being currently offloaded to 850mhz] and T-Mobile, possibly using either 1700, 1900 or 2100mhz when they decide to being offering their LTE service.

~ by redspyda on May 13, 2009.

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