R.I.P. Aaliyah


8 years have passed by since Aaliyah Dana Haughton [January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001] lost her life in a plane crash in the Bahamas at the age of 22.. since then we’ve remembered her each year by listening to her music, watching videos of her and remembering the kind of person she was.. and what might have been had it not tragically ended. But her music to me, was timeless; listening to any of her 3 studio albums, or her many features on the songs of other [former] Swing Mob members over time, it all sounds like something recorded today, completely relevant and at the same time, soothing to the soul.

But this year, Soul Culture has released an exclusive EP in tribute of Aaliyah, which features great artists like Sy Smith, Marsha Ambrosius & Tawiah.. definitely worth the listen.

SoulCulture Presents: Aaliyah Revisited


1. Sy Smith – If Your Girl Only Knew
2. Tawiah – Are You That Somebody?
3. Jesse Boykins III – I Care 4 U
4. Black Einstein – It’s Whatever (feat. Baby Sol)
5. Marsha Ambrosius – A Million Preludes
6. Jonas – One In A Million
7. Vula – Rock The Boat
8. Afta-I – ESP (A 4 Page Suite) (feat. Nikko Gray)

SoulCulture Presents: Aaliyah Revisited [CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]


~ by redspyda on August 25, 2009.

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