AT&T requiring smartphone data plans starting September 6th…

You see why I don’t use AT&T anymore? Well besides their horrible HSDPA/HSUPA network…

Beginning September 6, 2009, customers who activate or upgrade to a Smartphone will need to sign up for an appropriate data plan. Existing Smartphone customers active prior to September 6, 2009 will be grandfathered and exempt from the new policy.

Why we are making this change?
We want our customers to have the best possible experience with their Smartphones. A predictable bill is a key factor in customer satisfaction, so effective September 6, 2009 Smartphone customers will need to subscribe to a data plan, as the vast majority of customers already do. Data plans let customers fully utilize their device, without the worry of bill shock.

How we will ensure an extraordinary customer experience?
The sales representative is the customer’s expert resource in helping select the right device for their needs. When a customer does not want a data plan, we will position other devices in our industry leading portfolio for the customer to choose from, as many devices do not require a data plan.

Action Required:
Sales Managers will review the Know the Facts, Job Aid, and FAQs (found under Related Links) with their sales teams and ensure all sales representatives fully understand the new policy and how to position the Smartphone data requirement to customers. A Sales Coaching Session will be available on September 5, 2009 (document to be distributed in advance).

Nuff said. Spotted @ Boy Genius.


~ by redspyda on August 26, 2009.

One Response to “AT&T requiring smartphone data plans starting September 6th…”


    DO NOT add an IMEI of your smartphone even if you had it for past 2000 years. They will simply claim that you ADDED A SMARTPHONE after 6th Sept, 2009 and hence you will need a data plan.
    (I had Nokia N95 for past 8months and today they ask me for the IMEI, hence a data plan for rest of the contract)

    LOOPHOLE (workaround) :If you are caught in their crap, just add an IMEI of non-smart phone, remove the data plan and start using the smartphone again.

    Quote from “If you purchased a smartphone prior to September 6, 2009 and are using data on a pay per use basis, you will not be required to add a data plan at this time.”

    They don’t care about purchase date since you ADDED the IMEI after 6th Sept.

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