My Favorite Blackberry links…

I’ve been a Blackberry user for about 6 months now, and with the help of Crackberry I’ve learned so much about the OS and getting the most out of these devices. Most of the time I try to update my OS to get more functionality, especially since I purchased the Bold 9700. But when upgrading the OS you lose contact & calendar info, as well as all the apps you’ve installed before (unless you make a backup) especially if you’re like me, and want to get the most out of having a “fresh” device to maximize memory. So, I decided to include links to some of my favorite BB apps, just in case:

Beejive IM [supports most major IM protocols, with 30 day trial]
Scrobbleberry [a must for members for scrobbling on the go, still in development]
TweetGenius [A good Twitter client, albeit $7.95, worth the purchase]
Socialscope [Hands down, the best Twitter client for Blackberry users, with Facebook integration but is invite only]
BerryWeather [Essential for the sporadic NY weather I encounter on a daily basis]
Bolt Browser [If it doesn’t work with the Blackberry browser, it will with Bolt, especially youtube links]
App World [some OS’ delete this app, and it contains most of the popular apps for easy installation]
CaptureIt [For quick screen captures]
Google Mobile [contains a lot of links to Google’s mobile apps]
Speedtest [For testing connections, not too accurate but gives a good idea of how the network works in that particular area]
Blackberry Messenger [BB users already should know what this is]
bit.lify [adds url shortening to the BB browser]

Crackberry’s list of free apps [which should include anything else not listed in this list]


~ by redspyda on January 19, 2010.

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  1. […] day basis and I love that I’ve been able to hack it with relatively no problem. As I wrote up the Blackberry post I started to think back on my favorite S60 apps, even as I contemplate a move to Maemo in the near […]

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